High efficiency enclosed fiber metal printing marking machine

Machine Model: PL300
Laser Power:20W 30W or 50W optional
Laser Wavelength: 1064nm/1064nm/1064nm
Laser Unit Using Life: laser Run> 100,000 hours
Marking line speed: ≤7000mm / s



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Product Introduction

20w 30w 50w enclosed fiber laser marking machines have a cover-sealed structure. During work, the enclosed fiber laser marking machine's flog will be kept in the box body without emission to outside. Environmental, friendly and healthy. It is special designed for European market, which has high demands for working environment.

Application Field

20w 30w 50w fiber laser marking machines are of good quality output beam, high reliability. 20w 30w 50w fiber laser marking machines can be carved both on metal materials and some non-metallic materials. This kind of enclosed fiber laser marking machine mainly marked in areas for smoothness, finesse demanding, such as electronic products, metal ware, watches, jewelry, IC, plastic buttons and other graphic surface. The effect of 20w 30w 50w fiber laser marker on Bitmap marking is particularly outstanding. It is also called:20w fiber laser marking machines,30w fiber laser marking machines,fiber laser marking machine price,50w fiber laser marker,20w fiber laser marker,30w fiber laser engraving machines.

Product Advantages

1. Low operation cost, free maintenance for over 10 years.
2. Marking speed: he enclosed 20w fiber laser marking machine uses a high-quality imported laser scanning equipment, speed up to 7000mm / s.
3. High Precision: 20w 30w 50w fiber laser marking machines' repositioning accuracy of up to 0.002mm.
4. High-Rate of Electrical-Optical Conversion for the enclosed fiber laser marking machine: The efficiency of 20w 30w 50w fiber laser marking machines optic-electrical converting is up to 70%.
5. High Reliability: MTBF(Mean Time Between Failures) >100,000 hours.
6. Integrated and Compact: Compact, Small, Desktop, Easy delivery
7. Easy Operating: English User Manual, VCD training video, software sending together with the 20w 30w 50w fiber laser marking machines and 24 hours online service.
8. Air Cooling: 20w 30w 50w  fiber laser engraving machines adopts air cooling, which has excellent cooling effect than the other cooling method.

Technical Parameters

TypeEnclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machines
Model NumberPL300
Table size320*200mm
Laser wavelength1060nm
Laser power20W 30W or 50W optional
Laser Typepulsed or continuous
Marking depth≤0. 5mm as the material may
Marking line speed≤7000mm / s
Minimum characters0.15mm
The minimum line width0.012mm
Marking spaceStandard 100mmX100mm
Operating Lifelaser Run> 100,000 hours
Cooling systemAir cooling
Lifting heighlifting 550
Operating SystemWinXP / Win7
Graphic ConverterCAD, CorelDRAW, CAXA
Environment-5 ° C-45 ° C, relative humidity 80%

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