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Laser for Timber and Wood Industry

Overview of Timber and Wood Industry Manufacturers of both timber and timber products may use lasers. Timber which is sold into construction and other markets is coded for identification and to provide information about source and date of production. Timber products are often decorated.  Laser Application for Timber and Wood Industry CO2 lasers may be used for both applications because they are fast, clean and digital. They are also cost competitive with alternative technologies. Related Application

Laser for Tobacco Industry

Overview of Tobacco Industry Tobacco packaging facilities are among the most demanding coding environments, particularly with dust,often operating at the extremes of packaging line speeds.Additionally,cleanliness is paramount to assure the quality and consistency of the end products.Manufacturers of tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars and tobacco itself) must code the packaging of their products to provide both consumer information (lot codes, best before dates) and to enable tracking and traceability. Laser Application for Tobacco Industry Lasers are used to apply such codes because of their ability to mark paper and board, glass and the plastics typically used in packaging. Related Application

Laser for Textile Industry

Overview of Textile Industry Manufacturers of denim jeans use lasers to apply finishing effects to their products and to give them a stone washed appearance.laser finishing systems from Raymond are used because they are fast,clean and flexible.They give the manufacturer a powerful tool to respond to the demands of fashion and allow them to increase their production capacity. Laser Application for Textile Industry 6,000 million jeans are manufactured every year and laser usage is rapidly growing in the denim and jeans manufacturing industry worldwide.Today 20% of all finishing process is covered by laser. The biggest and most important brands insist that their manufacturers be environmentally sustainable and committed to responsible production. Related Application

Laser for Packaging Labelling Industry

Overview of Packaging Labelling Industry Manufacturers of packaging products (bottles, cans, boxes etc) must code the packaging of their products. The specifics of the code depend on national or other legislation but generally a lot code and a best before date are required.  Laser Application for Packaging Labelling Industry Lasers are used to apply such codes because of their ability to mark paper and board, glass and the plastics typically used in packaging.  Related Application
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