Customer Care

The respect of professionalism wins , the value of service creates.

What can we offer?

When you buy Raymond's products, you are buying a high-performance laser machines. For us, customer care means that every customer can buy high-quality products and enjoy better service

Technical Support

 Online machine diagnostics and troubleshooting solutions. If on-site correction is needed, we will send our engineers to your factory to solve the problem.

1-Year Warranty

All the machines own a one -year warranty,during this period, our engineers will provide you with free repair of malfunctioning machines and replacement of broken parts.

Timely Service

Raymond understands even the slightest issue of the machine will affect your productivity. So Raymond tries his best to solve customer's problem as quickly as possible


1. Service

Raymond will provide customers with timely and high-quality service experience through remote guidance.During or after sales, Raymond can solve customers' troubles and difficulties in a timely manner.


2. Parts

When you need to replace some machine parts, Raymond will provide you with the fastest solution online, delivering these parts as soon as possible so that your production will not be delayed.


3. Engineering

When you do not know how to operate the machine,   Raymond will give you the most professional operation guidance through online video. Engineers can also communicate in English without barriers, so that you and your staff can better solve some problems encountered during machine work.


4. Training

Raymond regularly offers operation training and the training materials will be presented to customers in the form of videos or files,and Raymond will inform you of the relevant website so that can  get relevant content at first.

Get free consultation from Ramond expert team?

Our sales engineer will answer any of your questions and provide you a quick quote ASAP.

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