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Raymond Laser Cleaning Machine

Raymond Laser Cleaning Machine is new generation of high-tech products, base not injured parts, consumable materials, energy conservation, environmental protection,efficient cleanup on the surface of resin, oil, dirt and stains, rust, coating, paint,meet the industrial processing complicated shape, fine positioning cleaning requirements, achieve cleanliness higher cleaning effect, the comprehensive cost lower production efficiency.Raymond laser cleaning machine is mainly used in automobile manufacturing, mechanical processing, electronic processing, cultural relic repair, mold industry, shipping, food processing, petrochemical industry and other industries.The 100 w and 200 w laser pulse laser cleaning, using optical fiber output, fully enclosed stable light path, the service life of more than 100000 consecutive hours, 2 years warranty, forced air cooling, the machine integrated power 480 w, environmental protection and energy saving, small and portable.

part of leser cleaning machine

Laser Cleaning Machines

$47070.00 - $77760.00

Raymond laser cleaning machine is a new generation of industrial surface cleaning laser system, it adopts the advanced laser source, laser optical scanners and control system to meet the requirements of metal surface , High energy pulsed laser focusing on the surface of object to simulate plasma. This laser rust removal is widely used for the surface laser degreasing, laser paint removal, laser removal of zinc, laser film removal, laser cleaning, such as coating.

Easy to operate

Environmental friendly

High efficiency

$47070.00 - $77760.00

Raymond ASG-500 laser cleaning machine specializes in mold industry, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding industry, food processing, sewage treatment, rubber tires, petrochemical and other industries. The principle of laser cleaning machine is a series of tiny format plasma blasting to the surface, by this way, this laser cleaning rust machine can quickly remove paint of the surface. And you can choose precise location and accurate size to clean by this portable laser rust remover.

Easy to operate

Easy to move

High speed  

$47070.00 - $77760.00

Raymond RMD-RM series laser rust cleaning machine is skilled in polymer, scale, sediments, rust corrosion. In order to prevent leakage and explosion and other major safety accident, to adopt industrial cleaning is a necessary means. Compared to other cleaning method, RMD-RM series laser rust cleaning technology machine is more energy saving, no pollution and without damaging surface, to realize zero discharge of cleaning process

No consumables, no chemical pollution

No contact and friction

Fiber optic transmission

$94140.00 - $15520.00

Raymond 3D robot laser cleaning machine is ideal to process complex 3D parts such as engine blocks, transmission cases and wheels. By combining a robot arm with our unique autofocusing capabilities, the positioning of the laser head is greatly simplified, allowing you to apply precise cleaning and texturing patterns.

Advanced Fume Management

High Versatility

Multi-Part Capabilities

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Raymond Laser Cleaning Machine

Raymond laser cleaning machine is a non-contact process, it avoids chemicals, no production of secondary waste, non-degradative, etc.

Apart from that,Raymond laser clean machine also has ergonomic design with light weight that you can easily carry.It doesn’t produce secondary waste,that leaves no evidence of the impurities on cleaning.

With wide surface support,you can remove rust and other impurities from many materials.For example,you can Clean the verdigris on the copper alloy surface, Clean the oxides and pollutants on steel tubes surface or you can de-rust on track.

Last but not the least,Raymond laser cleaning machine does not cause product wear and tear,that it is a long term solution,you can use and reuse Raymond laser cleaning machine over its lifetime.

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The Buyer's Guide

Laser Cleaning Machine: The Ultimate Buying Guide in 2024

The laser is a quite amazing and usable apparatus present in many different aspects of life for our usage even when we don't know. It does have many applications in the different fields, being utilized for instance in the store for reading bar codes. You can see this to be used weld steel in the development, or to make decoration design on wooden boxes or glass vessels etc.

From increasing safety to reducing the waste of the product. 

Then this is a must read guide for your business.

Laser cleaning machines even have an impact because it is used where you cannot use the traditional chemical cleaning method.

Chemical cleaning issues like surface degradation and wastage.

Laser cleaning machines don't make any loss by items.

Laser cleaning machines generally leave the cleaned surface most of the time near to originality.

You’re going to learn all what it takes to make your purchase satisfactory. Get ready to know more in the Laser Cleaning Machine: the Ultimate Buying Guide in 2020. Either you have issues like, steel fabrication, the removal of the rust, removal of residue from carbon butts, cleaning of cathode bars or any other topics. Here you are on the right page to know. Let’s read more.........

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    1. What is a Laser Cleaning Machine?

    In this chapter you will come to know about the laser cleaning machine that is one the most advanced technology in cleaning. Chapter 1 is all about what a Laser cleaning machine it types of it explained in a table with many others explanations too. It is well explained with the diagrams and video at the end of the chapter.

    Laser Cleaning Machine?

    Laser cleaning machines are a quite newly created innovation in ongoing years.The utilization of lasers as metal surface cleaning has recently been created. Laser beams in assembling have been generally utilized in welding, boring, cutting and metal surface treatment.In late years, laser cleaning innovation has been used in almost all fields. Laser cleaning is the preference of every new business for metal form cleaning measure. Contrasted and the customary sandblasting and dry ice cleaning, the laser cleaning machine has the benefits.

    Laser Cleaning Machine

    Laser Cleaning Machine process-Photo credit: laserax

    Laser cleaning is the way to remove material from solid materials (or every so often fluid) surface by using the laser beam.

    • At low laser motion, the material is warmed by the absorbing laser energy which helps it evaporate.
    • At high laser motion, the material is ordinarily changed over to a plasma.

    Normally, laser removal alludes to eliminating material with a beat laser, however it is conceivable to remove material with a consistent wave laser beam if the laser force is sufficiently high. Excimer lasers of UV light are primarily utilized in laser cleaning method; the frequency of laser utilized in laser cleaning is around 200 nm.

    Laser cleaning machines have a particular favorable position over expensive traditional techniques, for example, utilizing synthetics or abrasive blasting machines, for example, sandblasting, water blasting, and bead blasting. These traditional techniques commonly have a negative ecological effect, fumes that can be dangerous and can wear on the substrate and harm the material. Laser Systems eliminate coatings, impurities and buildups with the non-contact, non-abrasive utilization of high energy laser sources. Laser Cleaning Machine is the most money saving method, it is also more productive for you. It is considered a safe technique for modern cleaning, rust expulsion, paint removal, and surface preparing. Using this innovation, Laser cleaning machines cleans materials quicker and better than different products available in the market.

    A detail video about laser cleaning:

    Types of lasers used in laser cleaning machine

    There are numerous sorts of pulsed lasers that are utilized in laser cleaning. A laser medium which could be a gas, a precious stone or a fiber is constantly positioned in a vibrating hole which typically incorporates one completely reflective and one incomplete reflective mirror. The reflecting surfaces could be made of diffraction grinding (diffraction grating is an optical component with a periodic structure that splits and diffracts light into several beams)  just as with fiber lasers. The medium is forced electrically or optically to accomplish an energized state and unconstrained outflow from particles cause comparable photons with similar properties to be transmitted and rise out of the mostly reflecting mirror.

    Laser cleaning machine for rust removal-Photo credit: rustconverters

    It does depend upon the optical misfortunes of the medium, it might require active cooling. Utilizing Q-switching which is a strategy to deliver pulsed yield power, one can get a pulsed and store a gigantic measure of energy in a brief timeframe on a surface. Q-switch method pulsed or beat lasers are frequently utilized in laser cleaning and since there are various types, they should be grouped.

    The four classes of lasers utilized in laser cleaning are vaporous lasers are:

    • Excimer (UV) and CO2 (on the fringe of far IR) lasers
    • Strong state lasers, for example, Nd:YAG (close to IR)
    • Ti:Sapphire lasers (close to IR)
    • Fiber lasers doped with Ytterbium, Erbium or Thulium (lanthanides) 

    2. What Is The Principle of Laser Cleaning Machine?

    Chapter 2 defines the principle of laser cleaning machine how it works and the factors that need to be considered while using this machine. It all affects the principle of laser cleaning machines. Chapter is well supported by the diagrams. 

    How does laser machine works:


    How Does the Laser Removal Process Work? 

    Laser cleaning machine is what makes that possible. In the present industry most of the time in manufacturing, CO2 and fiber laser frameworks are generally used to remove rust or any other thing from the surface. In spite of the fact that these lasers are utilized with various materials, the laser cleaning machine does have the same principal.

    Working principle

    Working principle of laser marking machine-Photo Credit: theengineerspost

    All materials have a level of threshold. It is a property that is one of a kind to every material. At the point when the power produced by a laser is over the material's removal limit, the material is cleaned. In any case, if the force is less than the level of threshold,  nothing occurs, aside from a slight temperature increase.

    Materials that are removed from the surface are converted into the fumes and taken up.  In spite of the fact that these produced fumes are very less, a smoke extraction framework is normally required close to the laser to avoid barriers.

    Laser cleaning principal

    Laser cleaning principal-Photo Credit: ionix

    What factors need to be considered?

    These are some of the factors to be considered for a successful and efficient process.


    The frequency should be chosen quite carefully with a specific depth of the absorption. This is so that there is a high energy deposition inside a little volume, bringing about a speedy and proficient cleaning result with laser removing machine. 

    Duration of pulse

    It is smarter to utilize shorter duration of pulse in order to perform at most extreme power and to limit any kind of the damage by this thermal that is delivered on the region around, despite the fact that this is as of now has decreased to the maximum level because of the quality of the process.

    Repetition Rate of pulse

    The repetition rate of the pulse should be sufficiently high so the warmth caused by the laser cleaning machine is maintained well and doesn't leave any ideal opportunity to cool. This will bring about a more effective cleaning of the surface as energy waste will be decreased.

    Quality of beam

    Your beam of the laser cleaning machine should be of adequate quality to run the process effectively. The nature of the laser beam coming out of the machine can be dictated by its brilliance pr brightness, its center capacity or focus, and its homogeneity. The size of the beam will likewise be controlled with the goal that you don't clean the more than the required area.

    3.What Are The Main Parts of The Laser Cleaning Machine?

    Chapters 3 is trying to explain the parts of the laser cleaning machine. It explains the brief about both internal as well as the external part of the machine. There are many different parts in the machine externally as well as internally. This chapter explains all necessary parts.

    Main parts of the laser cleaning machine?

    Laser Cleaning Machine-19

    Parts of the Laser Cleaning Machine

    The different parts of the laser cleaning machines are like this: 

    External Parts: 

    Clean head slot: This head is exclusively used to clean the machine when it becomes bit filthy. 

    Emergency stop: The button is specifically used in the case of emergency. For example if something uncertain happens while using the machine you can just press the button and the machine will stop working immediately. 

    Starting switch: A starting switch controls the machine system of turning it on/off. 

    Touch screen: The core function of touch screen is showing a display with many different options, which can be used to control the system of the machine.

    Fiber cable: Is used to supply the power to the machine.

    Fiber cable

    Photo credit: mdpi 

    Internal Parts:

    Galvo Meter Scanning System: Galvanometer optical scanners likewise called Galvos or Galvo scanners are mechanized mirror mounts and frameworks utilized for laser-shaft directing. They are ideal for moving smaller laser radiates quickly, with fantastic accuracy and precision.

    Beam Expander: Beam expanders are optical gadgets that take a collimated (made accurately parallel) light emission and extend its size (or, can be used in reverse, lessening its size). In laser material science they are utilized either as intracavity or extracavity components. They can be prismatic(relating to or having the form of a prism ) or telescopic in nature.

    Laser Head: The laser head is a system of the laser beam utilized in all laser movement and position measurement frameworks. Laser heads are designed with proper optics and framework hardware to construct a laser interferometer framework that meets the exceptional physical format and estimation prerequisites of individual applications.

    UV Pulsed Laser: Ultraviolet (UV) lasers offer incredibly high photon energy which opens up a wide scope of uses which can't be tended to by noticeable and infrared laser sources.

    Reflector: A reflectors don't make light, their basic role is to fix shadows. In level lighting, a reflector can add intrigue or dramatization to the shot. A few picture takers use reflectors as hair lights outside. Numerous reflectors have a dark side that can be utilized to shut out light rather than to reflect it. 

    4.Installation and Adjustment Laser Cleaning Machine

    Chapter is 4 is more for your ease so you can understand the process of installation and adjustment of the laser cleaning machine.

    Installation and Adjustment

    Working Procedure

    Interface the force supply(220V,50Hz)with cable,red one for Live Wire,black for Null Wire,yellow for Earth Wire;

    Check the water level of the chiller,make sure the water in the chiller is sufficient before turning on the supply of the power switch.

    Laser cleaning machine operation steps:


    Taking the cleaning head straightforwardly toward individuals is very risky and totally forbidden, just as high reflectivity materials (copper,aluminum… ).

    It is must to take on the worker appliances and the eye wear when we use such types of machines. Otherwise it will be very dangerous.

    What's more, the caution light will go on if the laser machine hasn't turned off appropriately and administration life will impact.

    Clients are recommended to check each button very carefully. Either it is reset or power supply button.

    It's totally prohibited to make a cleaning head at a correct edge to materials.

    Change water in the chiller each 3-6 months with deionized water.

    The bowing radius of the folded pipe should no less than 250mm(≥250mm).

    Different parts of machine

    Different parts of machine-Photo Credit: wonderlasermfg

    Comparison with traditional clean methods of Laser Clean Machine

    Comparison Laser cleaning Chemical cleaning Mechanical cleaning Dry-ice cleaning


    Cleaning method Non contact Contact Abrasive Non contact
    Harmful for base material None Yes Yes None
    Consumable Power Chemical Abrasive Dry Ice
    Results Amazing and even Medium and uneven Medium and uneven Good and uneven
    Environmental safety No pollution Chemical Dust No pollution
    Investment High investment on machines. But no consumable, low maintenance cost Low investment on machines. But expensive consumables Medium investment on machines. High man-power cost. Medium investment on machines. High consumable cost.

    5.What’s the application of the laser cleaning machine?

    Chapter 5 well explains the different applications of the laser cleaning machine in the many different areas. It is explained with the diagrams and video at the end of the chapter.

    It does have many amazing applications!

    Application of laser cleaning machine

    A portion of the numerous advantages of using lasers in surface cleaning applications include:

    • Automated and nonrandom cleaning strategy
    • Reduced amount of byproducts
    • Increased safety
    • No requirement for synthetic substances
    • Non Abrasive and non contact cleaning measure

    1- Anode assembly cleaning:

    The aluminum smelting industry uses carbon blocks as "sacrificial" anodes in the production of primary aluminum. The quality of the anode has an impact on the environmental, economic, and technological aspects of aluminum production. A small percentage of cell power is devoted to overcoming the electrical resistance of pre baked anode.

    Anode assembly cleaning

    Anode assembly cleaning-Photo credit: industrial-lasers

    2- Aluminum refining:

    The aluminum refining industry utilizes carbon blocks as "conciliatory" anodes in the creation of essential aluminum. The nature of the anode affects the ecological, monetary, and innovative parts of aluminum creation. A small level of cell power is given to beat the electrical opposition of prepared anode. Laser cleaning machines are used in;

    It can be used in the following applications:

    • It can be used on carbon butts to remove residues
    • It can be used to clean cathode bars cleaning
    • Removal of contaminants and dirt from thimbles and stub rods

    Aircraft old paint cleaning

    Aircraft old paint cleaning-Photo credit: mrj-lasermark

    3- Pretreatment for brazing and welding: 

    Laser cleaning has additionally demonstrated success in pre-treatment applications for welding and brazing. Before aluminum and steel materials are utilized for welding purposes in shipbuilding, tool manufacturing, car, and other related ventures, their surfaces should initially be readied. This is where we do use the laser cleaning machine.

    Pretreatment for brazing and welding

    Pretreatment for brazing and welding-Photo credit: photonics

    4- Partial decoating:

    Laser cleaning is especially viable in applications that require the incomplete cleaning or removal of paint or coatings from completed surfaces. It may be utilized on essentially all surface kinds, regardless of whether artificially anodized, oxidized, or natural. Laser cleaning can be utilized to de-coat sun powered devices like solar panels and eliminate paint in the cars and aviation industry while keeping up the trustworthiness of the premier substance.

    Some other applications of laser cleaning machine seems like this:

    The rusted material

    The rusted material after laser cleaning-Photo Credit: laserax

    • Laser rust removal
    • Laser oil removal
    • Laser paint removal
    • Strip coating (galvanized layer and protective coating etc)
    • Removal of aluminum alloy and titanium alloy
    • Mold cleaning
    • Wood cleaning

    Renovation-Photo credit: photonics

    6. How to verify laser cleaning machine's specification?

    Chapter 6 is all about how to verify a laser cleaning machine’s specification? There are some parameters of laser cleaning machines that are very important which you will be explained in this chapter. It explains what are the different parameters and how it does affect the performance of the machine.

    Verification of laser cleaning machines is related to the parameters which directly affects the performance of that mean. These are some important factors that you need to keep in mind when you want to verify laser cleaning machines.

    Let’s know about this!!!

    Power: The performance of the laser machine may vary on the basis of the power being provided to the machine because it does affect on many other factors. Like time it is taking and penetration of the laser.

    Material being removed: It may also vary on the bases of the material available on the substance to be cleaned. For instance, the performance for the oil cleaning will be totally different when you will compare it with the rust cleaning.

    Cleaning speed: Cleaning speed is another factor which you should keep in the mind when you talk about the verification of the machine. In some of the factors cleaning speed is more than the others at the same power. In that case thickness is different however. You should keep one thing in that mind it is measured in NS (nanoseconds).

    Thickness of the material: Thickness of the material is as important as many other factors. Time of the cleaning by the laser cleaning machine varies depending on the material.

    Comparing different laser machines: cleaning speed: 

    7.What’s the advantage and disadvantage of the laser cleaning machine?

    Everything comes with advantages as well as disadvantages. However, in the case of laser cleaning machines it comes with many advantages and some of the disadvantages. Chapter 7 is explaining both pros and cons of the machine in a table comparing them. 

    Advantage and disadvantage of the laser cleaning machine? 

    Every product comes with its pros as well as cons. However, when it comes to the laser cleaning machine this is a product which has been appreciated for having many advantages. Laser cleaning machines are always the best choice for high quality cleaning. Other than advantages, it has some of the cons as well.

    Advantage of laser cleaning machine Disadvantage of laser cleaning machine
    ● Laser cleaning machines are considered Eco friendly tools.
    ● Extreme precision and accuracy gives a unique advantage to the laser cleaning machine.
    ● It is a Non-abrasive method of cleaning.
    ● It is non-toxic method of cleaning
    ●  Minimize contaminated surfaces.
    ● Decrease health and safety risks
    ● Decontamination and Decommissioning
    ● Easy Cleanup
    ● Maintenance-Free, it does not take a lot to clean the machine. Just open it and clean yourself.
    ● Quick Implementation, if you want to implement you can do that quite quickly.
    ●  Just because of the fact, laser cleaning machines are quite sensitive, it demands high-security.
    ● Special training is required for the usage of the machine.
    ● More costly to implement when it is compared with the same type of the cleaning machine.
    ● Some products such as wood, glass, and plastic are difficult to clean.
    ● The size of the product can also impact the effectiveness of laser technology solutions.


    Laser cleaning machines can overcome numbers of the issues you have been facing now for a while. From rust, oil, paint cleaning and other modern cleaning applications. By choosing a particular material to be taken out, laser cleaning machines offer a quick, at the same time set and forget the solution for many of the industrial issues you are facing in today's time of innovation.


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