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SINO-GALVO SC galvanometric scanner are applied in Raymond laser marking machines that make the machine run with good operation stability, high positioning accuracy, and fast marking speed.


IPG Photonics offers PLD-10 series fiber - coupled diode lasers for Raymond laser machines, which provide up to 10w of output with 0.12NA so that the laser wavelength is more stable.And it not only can ensure the stability of the machine, while the compact shape also makes the machine easier to operate.


MAX supplies the 30W small case Q-Switch pulsed fiber laser for Raymond CO2 laser marking machines.It is able to make Raymond laser machines suitable for more materials and applications with higher single-pulse energies,and at the same time, the high performance isolator effectively reduces reflection damage to the laser source.


Beijing JCZ technology comny's board card is used by more than 98 percent of laser companies in China.They provide Raymond laser machine with high stability, high speed, and durability.

CRD Laser provides ZNSE Beam Expander series for Raymond laser machines. The beam expansion factor of laser can range from 1,5 to 8 times,and it can improve the collimation of laser beams with divergence angles up to 19 ~ 30 milliradians ,which help the machine obtain fine spots of high power density and enable machines to produce more sophisticated products.

David Laser

DAVI Laser’s T-100 laser was applied in Raymond laser machines that make the machines have high superpulse power, short pulse width and better spot quality. And the thermal conduction effect of the laser produces very low stress on the surface of the material. That can make Raymond laser machines suit for higher speed of marking and coding.


Raycus offers multi-module continuous fiber laser,especially the Raycus Q-switched pulsed fiber laser was applied in Raymond laser, which has high peak power, high single-pulse energy, and optional spot diameter so that Raymond laser machines can not only be widely used in In non-metallic materials resistant to plateau stress, but also in stainless steel materials .


MW Power Supply mainly offers the enclosed switching power supply for Raymond laser machines, it adopts fanless and ultra-thin wide and narrow design.What’s more, its  built-in active PFC function can reach 150%, which enables the machine to maximize performance.


Novanta as a developer and manufacturer of CO2 and ultrafast laser sources, beam delivery components and systems, and laser controllers and software, its stand-alone laser system components are widely used in Raymond laser machines, which enable our machine have the capacity of optimizing every components.And the performance of our laser machines has also been further improved.

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