1390 80W CO2 Laser Cutter Laser Cutting Machine

Application Field

Application Materials:
Laser engraving machine can work with most materials, such as Cloth, leather, wool, acrylic, board, plastic, rubber, crystal, ceramic tile, bamboo product, jade, granite, marble, resin and other non-metal materials.

Applicable industry:

Laser engraving machine is suitable for leather clothing, template cutting, printing and packaging, advertisement decoration, building decoration, computer embroidery tailoring, arts and crafts, paper products, plastic industry, acrylic board, decorative board, and other non metal sheet precision cutting and other industries.

Product Advantages

1. Perfect Design

-- Convenient to put and work

-- Unlimited feeding expansion

2. Up-down Wroking Table

-- Very stable

-- Never rust

-- Strong load capacity

3. Control Panel

-- Display work process clearly

-- Convenient to operate and view

4. Control System

-- Support fast engraving and cutting with shortest path choice

5. X-Y Plotter

-- Taiwanese brand linear guideway

-- High-speed and high-precision

-- Strong load capacity and rigidity

6. Taiwanese Belt

-- Stable transmission

-- 10mm width

-- Wear resisting

7. 45° Mirror Adjustment Set

-- Easy to adjust laser path

8. Stepper Motor

-- High torque

-- Low heat

-- Low running noise

-- Stable operation

9. Sealed-off CO2 Laser Tube

-- Longer service life

-- More steady

-- Higher efficiency

10. Software

-- Advanced working software that can be embeded into Coredraw, CAD, etc

11. Red Light Positioning

-- Convenient to adjust material

-- Auto focus device and red light are behind laser head, more beautiful

12. LED Light

-- Energy-saving

-- Brighter

-- Long life time

13. Stepper Motor Driver

-- Low speed smooth operation, no step size

-- Excellent high-speed performance

-- Self-adjustment technology, providing optimal performance with different motors

14. Button and Lock

-- High end

-- Zero maintenance

15. Steel 

-- Good-quality stainless steel


--  Thicker

16. Fittings

1. CD 2. Instruction Manual 3. Cable 4. Power Cord 5. Air Pump 6. Water Pump and Tank 7. Suction Fan 8. Pipe

Technical Parameters

Laser Tube: Hermetic and detached CO2 laser tube
Laser Power: 60W/80W/100W/150W
Working Area: 1300mm*400mm


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