Raymond GT250P Handed Industrial inkjet Printer

Raymond GT250P Handed Industrial inkjet Printer is one of the Raymond’s new Industrial Inkjet Printer.It is an industrial inkjet printer that weighs only 1.1kg and can be operated offline.This product largely solves the problem of the machine’s battery life. Once the battery is out of power, the battery at the rear of the handle can be pulled out for charging, which is simple and convenient.At the same time, 15 languages and more than 20 fonts, a wide range of applications, more choices. This machine is mainly used for printing data, time, count, etc.And widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, cement and other industries.

Application Field

It is mainly used in:

  • Jet printing the data
  • Time
  • Count

 It Widely applies in

  • Food
  • Drink
  • Medicine
  • Chemical industry
  • Cement industry 

It can print in the permeable surface (for example cartons, template, textile and so on) and the non-permeable surface (for example reflex paper box, metal tubing, plastic tubing, ceramics, knitting belt and so on)

Product Advantages

  • LCP Hand jet printer, its weight is 1.1kg only
  • It can do print operation in off line, it can store 16 messages in the handset.
  • The hand jet printer connect to host (PC) by Bluetooth, the host (PC) can control more than one handset.
  • You can edit the message in the PC by what you see what you get, and set, modify the print parameters; apply the location sensor (the pending patent) instead using encoder
  • You can rotate the print head to get different printing height of characters, and can print fontbold ( max. 4 colum).
  • Build in auto-ink pressure device, and removable ink cartridge.
  • It is easy to maintain the print nozzle, and can be suitable to use in MEK, n-Propanol ink.
  • Design with model structure, to maintain easy.
  • The message can be edited in sections, so you can print the different sections in different lines with one message.
  • You can choice multi-font to print.
  • Using high efficiency lithium battery, it can run over 24hours after charge battery and it can work when it is in charge status.

Technical Parameters

Nozzles 16 nozzles
Print Height 20-50mm (16×16 normal is 40-50mm)
Print Speed 40 meters / min
Print Dots 5×7、10×16、16×16(5×5、10×10 is optional)
Stored Message Store 16 message files, each message can include max. 5×7 chars =150 or(16×16chars=75)
Print Function Change the print direction of character or message between right and left, or upside and down, multi-column (1-4 column), counter in up or down (1-8digits), real-time clock and date, shift, and repeat print
Print Fonts ASCII characters, logo
Communication interface Bluetooth between handset and PC, max. the `distance is 8 meters.
Power supply lithium Battery: 12V±5%, Charger:12.6V /1A DC
Operating conditions Temperature range: 0-45℃ Relative humidity, maximum
(non-condensing) 10-90%
Ink Type MEK, n-Propanol ink, or special ink as customer request
Print media permeable surface or non-permeable surface
Weight 1500g±10g (include battery and cartridge)

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