Raymond Handheld TL130 Industrial Inkjet Printer

Handheld Industrial Inkjet Printer is a new product of Raymond Laser. This model is Raymond’s most popular product. It can print expiration date, text, variable time, QR code, logo on various materials. It also prints on most plastic surfaces using genuine HP45 quick-drying ink cartridges.

As a new model of handheld industrial inkjet printer, it is suitable for printing large characters and the printing height can reach 60mm. It is suitable for cement, steel pipes, oil drums, stone pillars and other building materials industries.

Application Field

1.Various bottles/plastics

2.Various packaging/bags

3.Vegetables, eggs and other ingredients

4.Wood craft products

5.Ceramic products

6.Glass products

7.Fabric, leather, etc.

8.Cable duct, etc.

9.Metal alloy material

Product Advantages

1. 4.3-inch high-definition color LED screen, giving you a smooth experience like a mobile phone.

2.With high-quality print heads and chips, it can effectively prevent wire breakage and instant drying during printing. At the same time, the product has high adhesion, high compatibility, large capacity, and rich colors.

3.The page introduction is clear, one-click coding, no other cumbersome procedures.

4.Two 300DPI high-definition printheads, print clearly, support fast printing and a variety of print function effects, it can be used in a variety of scenarios without lag.

5.Turn on intelligent printing, can print text, time, English, numbers, QR codes, barcodes, logos, counts, symbols, etc.

6.Large-capacity battery, the battery at the rear of the handle can be removed and charged separately, extending the service life of the machine

Technical Parameters

Product Parameters
Print Height 2-25.4mm(Adjustable)
Printing Distance 2-5mm
Printing orientation 360 degree all-round printing
Printing Precision 600DPI(300DPIx2)
Ink Type Water-based/Quick-drying
Data Interface USB
Language 15 languages in totalchineseEnglishFrance,etc.)
Control Panel 4.3-inch color LED display
Print Content Text, symbol, QR code, barcode, picture, date, serial number
Printing Material Pipe, cable, pharmaceutical, packaging, glass, metal
Information Storage 50 messages
Machine Weight 990G(Ink cartridge not included)

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