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Wuhan Raymond Technology Co., Ltd. is well-known by Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

The team of professors leads a high-tech company founded. The company has mastered the international advanced

The key technologies of laser cleaning equipment with full-scale intellectual property rights in the same.

The industry first took the ISO 9001 quality certification and CE safety certification.

Raymond has been focusing on the technical development of the laser cleaning industry. Provides leading, high-quality laser cleaning equipment and perfect Technical services involving aerospace, ships, rail transit, automobiles, gold.

In the field of manufacturing, electronics and other applications, it has a large number of high-end customers at home and abroad Household groups.

Ultra-high peak, short pulse laser action on the workpiece, surface dirt, rust or coating absorption the laser evaporates or peels off instantaneously, while the substrate hardly absorbs the laser light, clearing the surface without damaging the substrate.

Application Field

Product Advantages

1.High beam quality and stable performance
2.Hand-held laser cleaning, easy to handle, easy to use for long work
3.With integrated design, the structure is compact and easy to install.
4.Extensive material applicability, flexible and efficient application in various industrial processing scenes
5.Low requirement for working environment, stable system maintenance, long service life.
6.Non-contact processing, no consumables, no damage, no pollution.

Traditional industrial cleaning
In petroleum, chemical, steel, electricity, etc, as a result of the new plant equipment and piping in the manufacturing, transportation, storage, installation, production process, will inevitably produce oil, welding slag, and various kinds of oxides, the running equipment also can produce polymer, scale, sediments, rust corrosion, etc. In order to prevent leakage and explosion and other major safety accident, adopt industrial cleaning is a necessary means of contrast is as follows:
Mechanical friction cleaning method: high cleanliness, but easy to damage base material.
Chemical corrosion cleaning method belongs to the non-stress cleaning, but the pollution is heavier.
Liquid solid injection cleaning method is more flexible, but the cost is higher, the waste liquid treatment is more complicated.

Laser cleaning technology as a green, environmental cleaning method, compared with traditional industrial cleaning, has the following advantages:

1. No consumables, no chemical pollution, no noise, energy saving power
2. No contact, no friction, no stress, minimal damage to the matrix
3. It can clear the pollution particles below the nanometer level and have high cleanliness
4. Fiber optic transmission, can move operation, can clean the area which is not easy to reach
5. Synchronous cleaning and synchronous treatment to realize zero discharge of cleaning process
6. Rapid cleaning of heavy pollutants and high speed cleaning of light pollutants can be achieved.

Technical Parameters


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