It is equipped with best 40W laserwater cooled CO2 laser tube that can engrave almost any non-metal materials on almost any surface. The co2 mini laser engraving machine with 40w laser tube can also be used for cutting many different materials. It supports multiple graphic formats, such as PLT / DXF / BMP / JPG / GIF / PGN / TIF and so on. It supports Coreldraw output directly. This machine is compatible with WIN8,WIN7, Vista and XP.

Application Field

Application Materials: acrylic, advertisement, arts and crafts, leather, toys, cloth, garments, model, building upholster, computerized embroidery and clipping, packaging and paper industry etc.

Industry:Clothing, embroidery, cloth toys, home decoration fabrics, handbags, gloves, toys industry leather, leather cutting and surface carving. Precision cutting of non-metal sheet, such as acrylic board, medium density decorative board, etc., in handicraft, model, advertisement, decoration, electric appliance, plastic industry.

Product Advantages

1.Emergency switch,more human words,more security.
2.Circular design and bearing design are more wear-resistant,running more smoothly,higher precision,less noise.
3.Stepping motor is one of the best motors in China,with low nosie,high precision and lower consumption.
4.3M synchronous belt ensures high precision,wear-resistant and 1cm bandwidth.

Technical Parameters

Laser Tube: Hermetic and detached CO2 laser tube
Laser Power: 40W/50W
Working Area: 300mm*200mm


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