Master engraving machine is a portable engraving machine with simple installation, safety and easy operation.
It has built-in sensor accelerometer. When the machine tilts, it will automatically stop laser work and protect from laser damage.
At the same time, it supports NEJE control software and GRBL software, which can not only enjoy the simple portability of NEJE software,
but also support the operation fun of GRBL open source software; it supports the dynamic control laser module developed by Neje,
which can support PWM power regulation, low light brightness regulation, laser temperature induction protection;
it also supports different power lasers.

Application Field

It supports metal engraving including alumina oxide, depth of engraving (0.5-3mm wood), thickness of cutting(2mm),
Supported engraving materials directly: Wood, gray paper, leather, bamboo, blackening plastics, rubber, alumina oxide, etc. 
Some metals can be carved by adding coatings, blackening and heat transfer.
It is not possible to directly engrave the metal with strong mirror reflectivity, which may cause injury to the operator or burn the laser. 

Product Advantages

Built-in sensor protectiong.
Daul MCU: One MCU for Suport NEJE Controller(Windows & MAC), The Other for GRBL Controller.
OFF-Line Working.
150mm x 150 mm Working eara, 160mm x 160mm in GRBL Mode.
Limited Switch design.
Compatible with laser modules(3500, 7W, 20W).
Z-axis,fan,safe Key button Support.
PWM Laser Power Adjustment.
Cloud Gallery Service.
image and text Edit.
Easy Position.
Repeat engraving.
Support BMP,NC(G-code),DXF(CAD), etc... files.
NEJE Scanner(photo share).

Technical Parameters

Material: Acrylic + PP + Aluminum
Laser Power: 7W ( Laser input:12v0.75A )
Laser Wave Length: 450nm
Image  .dxf  .bmp  .jpg  .png etc..
Image Size:2000 * 2000 pixels / 0.075mm point distance
Support System:WinXP / Win7 / Win8 / XP / Win10, Mac OS, android APP(neje scanner)
Machine Supply Voltage: 12V2A
Items can be carved directly including: alumina oxide, wood, bamboo, paper cards, ivory, leather, flammable plastic, PCBA, etc.


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