Raymond Online TL390 Industrial Inkjet Printer

Raymond Online TL390 Industrial Inkjet Printer has been very popular marking machines since launched in 2024. It has replaced a lot of CIJ machines with advantages of competitive price, This machine is composed of 12 parts, which is flexible and convenient for installation and disassembly, and effectively reduces the floor space. And help many small production companies to improve production efficiency and save packaging costs.So, Online TL390 Industrial Inkjet Printer has gradually become a very cost-effective product.

Standard Configuration



3.Adjustable Printhead*1



6.Sensor Bracket*1



9.Print head cover 12.7 mm*1

10.Print head cover 25.4mm*1

11.Cable(controller to print-head, 1.5m)*1

Product Advantages

1.12.7mm and 25.4mm cartridges can work on a same printer.

2.120m/min at 300 *600dpi.

3.Support variable QR code and data.GS1 avaible.

4.Friendly software, even green hand can use easily.

5.21+ languanges available, can add any kind you want.

6.Font can be added by yourself.

7.Body and screen material aren't plastic, prevent electrostatic interaction.

8.Support PNP and NPN sensor connection.

9. Adjustable standard print head, easy to adjust print height.

10.Support ODM/OEM,MOQ of customsboot screen is 1.

Technical Parameters

Product Parameters
Operation System Linux& Android
CPU Quad core 1.5Hz
Storage 3G
Print Resolution Longitudinal:300dpi Horizontal:600dpi
Speed 120m/min at 300*600dpi
Throw Distance 2-5mm Recommended
Support  Pens QTY 1--4

Max Print Height

12.7 or 25.4mm(1pen)
25.4 or 50.8mm(2pens)
38.1 or 76.2mm(3pens)
50.8 or 101.6mm(4pens)
Language Chinese,English,Turkish, Arabic,Korean,Spannish,etc.
Print Content variable code, variable data,text,date,time,QR code,etc.
Font Any fonts can be added by yourself
Image Format JPG,PNG,TIF,BMP,CSS,WEB,etc.
PS Soft ware Format MS,EXCEL,MS Access,SQL 2OOO/2005/2008
Data Format XLS
Variable Data Format CSV,TXT,XLSX,XLS
Cartridge Protection RFID

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