Raymond Large Characters Industrial Handjet Portable Printer RL230

Raymond Large Characters Industrial Handjet Portable Printer RL230 supports printing up to 60mm high. Equipped with a removable battery, it can work continuously for 8 hours. This machine is mainly used to print dot matrix numbers, date, time, text, graphics, etc. Can print single-line and multi-line content, up to 6 lines of printing. At the same time, the machine can also freely adjust the font size and type. Print lines are unlimited. Simple operation and maintenance-free. Just press print. Therefore, this machine is also favored by more and more manufacturers and individuals.

Standard Configuration



3.Indicator light

4.Ink bottle

5.Photoelectric Switch


7.Charging part

8.Power switchMeenjet-Large-Characters-5-1

Product Advantages

  • Handheld Large Characters Inkjet Printer Date Coder.
  • Support 60mm high printing maximum.
  • Removable Battery Continuous uninterrupted work 8 hours.
  • Printing dot matrix numbers, dates, times, text, graphics etc.
  • Printing single and multi-line contents, maximum arrival 6 lines..
  • Adjustable font size and type..
  • Print up to not limit character on one line..
  • Easy operation, free maintenance. Only need press-to-Print.

Technical Parameters

Sprinkler head 16 lattice
Print dot matrix 16x10.14x10.128.9x6.7x5
Processor 2 core professor
Print control Encoder control
Software function Time,date,clock,print batch,counting ,etc.
Commucaition interface USB,wireless,network,port
Language Chinese,English,Arabic,Korean.Spanish,French,German
Weight 1.6kg(ink+body+battery)
Print height 25-60mm
Jet printing graphics Jet printing trademark graphics,symbols,etc.
Date code Support century,year,month,day,hour,minute,second
Printing speed Wheel control printing speed,pluse control
Print diatance 8mm from the surface of the printed object
Usa ink water-based ink(permeable surface)or oily  ink
Ink color Black,red,blue,yellow, white,optional
Trigger mode Photoelectric sensor trigger
Ink supply Built-in air pump pressure
Power parameters Voltage 24v current 1.5a average power consumption<30w
Machine appearance Injection body,abrasion,resistence and durability
Charging time No more than 5 hours
Service environment temperature 20°c-50°c humidity 30%-70%



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