UV laser marking machine can marking on the surface of all kind of regular glass and crystal in one time directly, to finish one peice glass marking it only need several seconds, no need other sandblasting step like old generation anymore. Very convient, and much more beautiful effect.  Very suitable for high level product.

Application Field

Materials Metals (Aluminum, gold, platinum, silver, titanium, brass, stainless steel, etc. )

Non-metal: Almost all plastic types can be engraved including polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polylactic acid (PLA), polycarbonate (PC), acrylic (PMMA), acetal (polyoxymethylene, POM), nylon (PA), ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and other materials.

Industry:Marking and scribing of flexible pcb boards; processing of micro-holes and blind holes of silicon wafers; marking of LCD liquid crystal glass QR codes, surface drilling of glassware, marking of metal surface coatings; plastic buttons, electronic components, gifts, communications Marking on equipment, building materials and other materials

Product Advantages

1. Optical UV Laser, environment friendly, easy maintenance.

2. Life of the laser can be up to 100000 hours.

3. Runs without consumable spare parts, no need maintenance, great for continuous working.

4. Good touch interface and powerful control system.

5. Advanced digital high speed scanning galvanometer.

6. Small volume, quick speed, good stability

7. Multifunctional marking software

PCX, DXF, support PLT, BMP, SHX, TTF font can be used directly

8. Software running on the WINDOWS platform, English interface, compatible with Coreldraw, AutoCAD, software such as Photoshop file

Technical Parameters

Machine ModelUV100-3UV100-5UV100-7
Laser Power3W5W7W

Laser Wavelength

Fiber Length2.5m2.5m2.5m
Cable Length1.5M or Customize longer
Laser Unit Using Life20,000-30,000 Hours20,000-30,000 Hours20,000-30,000 Hours
Marking Speed

≤7000mm/s(Character marking speed and production line speed depend on material, character size and desired marking quality)

Marking Speed2-3digital (2*3mm)/0.01s3-5 digital (2*3mm)/ 0.01s3-5 digital (2*3mm)/ 0.01s
Marking FiledF160/110*110mm,F210/145*145mm,F254/175*175mm, or Customize longer
Power Supply220V/110V 50HZ/2A220V/110V 50HZ/2A220V/110V 50HZ/2A
Power Consumption600W/Hour600W/Hour600W/Hour
PositioningVisible Red PowerVisible Red PowerVisible Red Power
Operating Temperature0°C-40°C0°C-40°C0°C-40°C

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