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$200 Bonus for recommending a friend

When introducing a new partner to purchase a machine, we will offer you with $200 coupon.

This $200 coupon can be used for new equipment purchase in the future.

Raymond treats every customer as their close friends and it always devotes itself to deal with customers' problems when buying machines, and provide customers with practical solutions.  

  • Laser Marking Machine
  • Laser Coding Machine
  • Laser Engraving Machine
  • Laser Welding Machine
  • Laser Cleaning Machine
  • Laser Cutting Machine

July 01, 2022-October 15, 2022

3% Off For All Machines

Our traditional Chinese National Day vacation comes at the beginning of October. We will stop our production to celebrate our motherland’s birthday.

Our colleagues are from all corners of the country, some of them even needs to take a 2-day train or car to back home.

In order to award our colleagues who have worked so hard for a long time, our company has arranged a two-week holiday so that all staff will have enough time to reunite with their families or to travel with their friends.

So in return for customers’ support over the past few months, we offer a 3% discount on all orders from October to December.



Pay a visit to our factory and order on-site.

1% Off For All Machines

All of the customers who visit our factory and place on-site order can enjoy an extra 1% discount!

We will show you around our factory production site and show you the procession of our equipment production.

What’s more, we will also introduce more and more details about our machines and tell you some common problems you may encounter when operate our machines.

Each machine from our factory will pass the strict inspection of FDA CE & IOS 9001 reports before they go out.

Raymond believes that the respect of professionalism wins , the value of service creates. Whether there are orders or not ,Raymond are willing to help your business.

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