Top 10 Global Laser Welding Equipment Manufacturers:The Definite Guide in 2024

Laser welding industry is growing with a rapid pace globally. The manufacturing of automobile and others have supported laser welding machine manufacturers to grow and provide better machines with proper research and development.

In assistance to the machines it is also necessary to have complete knowledge regarding the equipment's that are incorporated in these machines. Their availability and procedure to buy is also a thing to remain in concern. This article will guide you regarding the equipment's these manufacturers produce and supply to the world.

Rank Laser Welding Machine Manufactuers Headquarter
1 Coherent USA
2 ALPHA Laser Germany
3 LaserStar USA
4 Amada Germany
5 Raymond Laser China
6 Precitec Germany
7 TRUMPF Germany
8 EMGA Salach,Germany
9 Prima Power Finland
10 Bystronic Butzberg

Top-10 Companies

Headquarter: United States of America

Company BackgroundCoherent is one of the world’s leading laser technology producers in the world with variety of timeline products. They have been providing laser solution from the past 56 years to the global market.  They started producing laser rays from their laundry with the use of rain gutter as a subject and after that today they are providing number of laser solutions. They manufacturer, supply and support to their customers with their product as well as their supporting accessories.

Key Products

  • CUBE Control Box, CDRH Compliant
  • OBIS SDR Cable, Laser-to-Remote, 3 meters
  • OBIS LX/LS Scientific Remote

Reason of Recommendation

  • Accessories that can easily be mounted on laser welding units.
  • Coherent offer a huge variety of laser welding products.
  • Making surety of consumables availability.

Headquarter: Japan

Company Background & InformationALPHA LASER was founded in 1994 by physicist Josef Höllbauer. Since the very first day, ALPHA LASER has been known for its intensive laser welding machines among its customers and distributors across the globe. Today, ALPHA LASER produces products with integrated 3D printers.  ALPHA LASER has 900 employees who develop more than 600 annually laser devices with profound dispatching history throughout the world.

Key Products 

  • ALM
  • ALFlak | ALFlak Faser
  • AL-F OEM
  • AL-ARM 450 F etc.,

Laser Welding Machine-4.1

Reason of Recommendation

  • ALPHA LASER equipment is reliable that support your work
  • They guarantee the essential laser-power on the workpiece.
  • Their equipment is easy and effective to use.
  • Their machines are a long-term, and value-retaining investment for your business.
  • They promise to make your workplace most enjoyable.

Headquarter:United States of America

Company BackgroundLaserStar is one of the pioneer industries from USA to manufacturing laser welding solutions. It was founded back in 1957 and produced their first ever laser welding machine in 1990 which made them the first USA based company to do so. They are specialist in manufacturing machines like laser engraving, deep engraving and motion systems. Today with their expertise they are growing with a rapid pace and making the world familiar to their products and supports.

Key Products

  • Argon Regulator Kit
  • Power Monitor Kit
  • Leica Color Video Camera
  • High Resolution Camera
  • Cross Hair Generator
  • Chamber Color Video Camera
  • Fume Exhaust System
  • Aperture Kit
  • Block Stage (S Axis)
  • Magnetic Stand

Laser Welding Machine -1.1

Laser Welding Machine4-2

Laser Welding Machine4-3

Laser Welding Machine4-4

Reason of Recommendation

  • Renowned for their premium quality machines and supporting in accessories.
  • You can easily access their products around each corner of the world.
  • They have highly précised equipment.
  • Laser star is famous for its performance, sport resistance, and superior processing equipment.

Headquarter: Germany

Company BackgroundSince 1948, in laser technology Amada Inc. has produced a vital role in providing facilities with variety of products.  With continuous improvement and their dedicated working team, they have produced laser welding products with CO2, Fiber and laser using options and are focused to manufacturer more variety of products. They not only provide laser systems but also support their customers with supporting accessories.

Key Products

  • Laser Diagnostic
  • Power Measurement
  • Trinocular Mounted Microscope with Camera
  • USB Microscope
  • Eye Loup
  • Inspection Vision System with Camera
  • DPM Barcode Imaging
  • Pull Tester
  • Laser Eyewear
  • Fume Extraction
  • Lab jacks & Tooling plates
  • Chillers
  • Auto focus kits

Reason of Recommendation

  • They provide authentic and on time delivery of accessories.
  • New extended featured laser welding machine is ideal for welding cell technology.
  • Defined and accurate equipment.
  • They ensure optimum functionality and rapid cycle time.
  • Fast and accessible laser technology.

Headquarter: China

Company Background

Raymond Laser is a leading firm of manufacturing laser welding machines and accessories. They are in the market with 13 years of experience. They were pioneer in laser industry of China and manufacturing all types of laser solutions such as laser fiber, laser welding, integrated instrument etc., with premium services.

Raymond laser produces several laser products with advanced featured systems and quick handing over duration. More than 2000 customers are now associated with them and now dealing in around 150 countries of world. Raymond Laser has an estimated output value of 10 million USD in the year 2018.

Key Products

  • Power meter
  • Laser Welding Goggles
  • Fume exhaust system
  • Gas Regulator Kit
  • Microscope
  • Cooling System
  • Shielding Gas Supply
  • Laser Welding filler

Laser Welding Machine-5-1

Reason of Recommendation

  • Laser Raymond laser welding machine featured with laser light that easily be removed after procedure.
  • Their machines are applicable in all kinds of system require micro part welding such as jewelry, electronics etc.,
  • You offer you an amazing and huge range laser welding equipment.
  • You can purchase and get their machinery from each corner of the world.
  • Machines are simple to operate and adopted with ergonomic design.


Company Background

Precitec was founded as a small engineering office in 1971, in Baden-Baden Germany. Later it became successful in its work due to which it has been awarded with many prizes and awards. It is having companies in 7 countries worldwide and represented by agents in 15 countriesKey Products

  • Processing Heads
  • Processing Monitoring
  • Laser Welding

Reason of Recommendations

  • Precitec absolutely fulfills the demands of customers, by producing desirable innovations in laser welding technology.
  • They promise to contribute quality optimization, whether in lightweight construction, laser welding or 3D printing for additive manufacturing.
  • Project planning, tests, commissioning, and maintenance with repairing service, everything is available in their laboratory.
  • Precitec products are accessible globally in important markets. They comfort their valuable customers by communicating in their native language.

Headquarter: Ditzingen, Germany

Company BackgroundTRUMPF was founded in 1923 as a series of mechanical workshops and has since developed into one of the world's leading companies for machine tools, laser technology, and electronics for industrial applications. In the 2020/21 fiscal year, the company generated a turnover of 3,504.7 million euros with 14,767 employees.

Key Products

  • TruLaser 1030fiber/1040fiber/1060fiber
  • TruLaser Center 7030
  • TruTool F 301
  • TruTool F 140

Reason of Recommendations:

  • TRUMPF has individual adaptable laser welding equipment with flexible features, and modular layout.
  • Their equipment is burst with improved functions and power with pulse-to-pulse stability.
  • They have 100% consistent output.
  • TRUMPF is best known for laser, and laser welding tool, offers you a huge product profile.

Headquarter: Salach, Germany

Company BackgroundEMAG group of companies was established in 1867, its previous name was SAMP. It is having global headquarters in Salach, Germany. The EMAG Group is among one of the prominent suppliers of manufacturing systems. It includes whole process cycle from soft to hard machine, which comprise cutting, grinding, laser welding and many more.

Key Products

  • Laser Welding Gear
  • ELC 160 HP
  • ELC 160 Laser Welding

Reason of Recommendation

  • A key factor in EMAG Groups achievements is its investment in workforce.
  • Extensive integration of handling and laser welding decreases the figures of work steps in your production.
  • Ensure maximum productivity in short span of time as well as fast and secure re-tooling.
  • The space saving compact designs reduces the cost and increase reliability.

Headquarter: Finland

Company BackgroundPrima Power was established in 1969 in Finland. Due to its effective performance, soon it emerged as a leading company in global market. Being famous for LASERDYNE, it has a successful history with laser drilling, laser welding and laser cutting applications.

Key Products


Reason of Recommendation

  • Prima Power products are manufactured in a way that is having high capacity in contrast to low cost.
  • Prima Power has well organized and a good dialogue with customers ensures effective solution.
  • Prima Power products can be approached internationally as well as locally. Remote phone support is also available.
  • The company not only aims at meeting the material needs, but also doing well by keeping environmental precision.

Headquarter: Butzberg

Bystronic is an internationally leading technology company in the area of sheet metal processing, which was founded in 1964 in Butzberg. They offer efficient connectivity of laser cutting systems, laser welding, and press brakes with innovative automation, software, and service solutions. Bystronic is the key to vast digitalization in the sheet metal industry as well.

Key Products

  • Tube Processing
  • Laser Welding
  • Bending

Reason of Recommendations

  • In order to be price competitive with low-cost suppliers, Bystronic also allow machine with a format of 2.5x1.2 meters.
  • Their standard tube features cutting of a single diameter.
  • They have developed trust with customers ensures best quality services. Bystronic is always committed to solve problems through excellent services.
  • Bystronic is dedicated to sustainability in its entrepreneurial thinking and actions.


Laser welding machine is much more demanding machine that can offer a significant productivity for those companies who are looking for maximum profitability and lower cost in welding process.
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