Top 10 Laser Welding Machine Manufacturers In The World: The Definite Guide in 2024

In a world where many methods are used for welding purposes, laser welding is also one of the most common types used in industries.

Laser welding technology is most commonly used in automotive and heavy machine industries where strong seam and high-speed welding are required. From 2016 onwards the market of Laser Welding is growing with a CAGR of greater than 5% which shows that the demand will increase more as the industrial revolution is taking place globally.

This article will help you out to get information regarding the top laser welding machines manufacturer globally and the technology they provide to their customers.

Rank Laser Welding Machine Manufactuers Headquarter
1 Coherent USA
2 Amada Japan
3 IPG Photonics USA
4 TRUMPF Germany
5 Raymond Laser China
6 Laseramch Belgium
7 EMAG Germany
8 Panasonic Germany
9 Elettro Laser Italy
10 Jenoptik Germany

Company logo

Headquarter: United States of America

Company Background Coherent company.1In machines that use laser technology; Coherent is one of the world’s leading laser technology producers in the world.  They have been providing laser solutions for the past 56 years to the global market.  They started producing laser rays from their laundry with the use of rain gutter as a subject and after that today they are providing a number of laser solutions. The manufacturer, supplies, and support to their customers.

Key Products

  • ExactWeld
  • Manual Welding System
  • StarFiber Series for Welding and Cutting
  • MPS Series
  • UW Series
  • SLS200 CL Pulsed Laser Welder
  • Profile Welding System

Coherent company.1  Laser Welding Machine-1.1  Laser Welding Machine-2.1

Reason of Recommendation

  • Products are available with all CO2, Fiber Laser, and Laser welding
  • Products with controlled electronics options.
  • 2D and 3D CNC operations are also incorporated.
  • Machine with the latest technology.

Headquarter: Japan

Company Background & Information  Amada company-1Since 1948, in laser technology, Amada Inc. has produced a vital role in providing facilities with a variety of products.  With continuous improvement and their dedicated working team, they have produced laser welding products with CO2, Fiber, and laser using options and are focused on manufacturing more variety of products. Their product list is mentioned below

Key Products

  • Fiber
  • Direct Diode
  • Nd:YAG
  • Integrated System
  • Laser Head

Laser Welding Machine-0.1  Laser Welding Machine-1.1  Laser Welding Machine-2.1

Reason of Recommendation

  • Machines focus on sizes to their maximum level in microns.
  • High performance and reliable controller boards.
  • New technology machines
  • Seam penetration built-in and cooling system in machines

Headquarter:United States of America

Company BackgroundIPG Photonics company-1.1With 30 years of experience in laser technology; IPG Photonics is a globally recognized Laser technology machine manufacturer in the world. They provide laser solutions such as welding, cutting, marking, cleaning, ablation and others. They have their major manufacturing units in the United States and Europe. IPG Photonics has now 35 sittings worldwide and is focused to facilitate their customers in every possible way.

Key Products

  • Multi-Axis Standard
  • ILT 1500
  • Laser Seam Stepper
  • LightWeld 1500
  • LightWeld 1500 XC
  • Custom
  • Robotic Systems
  • IPG SYS 750

Laser Welding Machine-0.1  Laser Welding Machine-1.1  Laser Welding Machine-2.1  Laser Welding Machine-3.1

Reason of Recommendation

  • High Beam Laser Technology machines
  • Machines with simple Human Machine Interface.
  • Highly Efficient machines.
  • The operating cost of these machines is low as compared to other machines

Headquarter: Germany

Company BackgroundTRUMPF company backgroundFounded in 1923; Trumpf group started working in a mechanical workshop and they are the leaders in solutions like machine tools, laser technology, and electronic equipment for industrial use manufacturers in the world.

Trumpf has now its network in 70 countries around the world. Their sales and services have been remarkable in the field of laser technology. Trumpf group have showed a sale of 3504.7 million euros in the year 2020/21.

Key Products

  • TruLaser Series 1000
  • TruLaser Series 3000
  • TruLaser Series 5030
  • TruLaser Series 7040
  • TruLaser Series 7000
  • TruLaser Series 5000

Laser Welding Machine-0.1Laser Welding Machine-1.1

Laser Welding Machine-2.1

Reason of Recommendation

  • Maintenance-free machine with advanced technology
  • Highly acknowledged manufacturer in the world.
  • Machines with easy to access facilities.

Headquarter: China

Company Background

Raymond Laser Background

Raymond Laser is manufacturing complete laser machines with an experience of 13 years. They are a pioneer laser industry in China and manufacture all types of laser solutions also with their installation responsibilities.

Raymond laser produces a number of laser products with advanced featured systems and quick handing over the duration. More than 2000 customers are now associated with them and now dealing in around 150 countries of the world. Raymond Laser noticed an output value of 10 million in the year 2018.

Key Products

  • New Design Later Welding Machine.
  • Stable Laser Spot Welding Machine.
  • Professional Laser Spot Welding Machine
  • Applicable Laser Welding Machine

Laser Welding Machine-33
Raymond Laser Welding Machine-A  Laser Welding Machine-5-1

Reason of Recommendation

  • Highly diverse company with different laser technology solutions’,
  • Machines with zero maintenance.
  • Guarantee till the installation of the machine.
  • Machines with the latest technology.

Headquarter: Belgium

Company BackgroundLasermach company-1Lasermach are a global leader in providing solutions relating to sheet metals and their processes. They have been producing innovative technology in the field of lasers for the past 40 years. They tend to produce the most economical laser technology machines for human access. Machines for laser welding a laser cutting are their most valuable products across the globe. Their key to success remains their passion and diversion towards their customers and providing them quality machines with expert advice.

Key Products

  • Wobble Laser Welding Machine
  • Wobble-3PRO
  • Wobble-6PRO
  • Wobble5-PRO
  • Photon-Wobble5 PRO

Laser Welding Machine-0.1  Laser Welding Machine-1.1.1

Laser Welding Machine-2

Reason of Recommendations

  • Products are reliable.
  • Best laser technology working processes.
  • Highly efficient machines.

Headquarter: Ditzingen, Germany

Company BackgroundEMAG company background-1Emag lasers are global suppliers and manufacturers of laser technology machines. They focus on both micro and macro-scale level products with laser technology incorporated in them. They are the most popular manufacturer of CNC vertical turning machines too. They have been continuously improving their technology and are now standing at a turnover of over 411.8 million euros in 2020. They are now operating with 2 manufacturing plants and earning 72% from their exports.

Key Products

  • ELC 160
  • ELC 160 HP

Laser Welding Machine-0.1  Laser Welding Machine-1.1   Laser Welding Machine-5.1

Reason of Recommendations:

  • Machines with the capability of performing wide ranges of operations.
  • They are all Laser, Fiber Laser and CO2-guided systems.
  • Machines are viable to adapt any type of concept relating to logistics and manufacturing.

Headquarter: Germany

Company BackgroundPanasonic company-1

With its roots now for more than a century, Panasonic are producing globally-recognized products since 2018. They have employment of around 0.3 million and have spread their network across the world. Panasonic produced their first laser system in 1993 and after that, they have now a variety of laser marking, welding and cutting machines. For fiber optic solutions Panasonic had shared their technology with IPG Photonics and valued their customer together. They believe in customer satisfaction and improving their technology with every passing day.

Key Products

  • VL-W1

Laser Welding Machine-2.1

Laser Welding Machine-3.1

Reason of Recommendation

  • Panasonic provides quality laser welding and cutting machines.
  • High-quality laser beam.
  • Highly advanced and easy to access machines.

Headquarter: Italy

Company BackgroundElettro Laser-1.1Elettro Laser are in the business over the past 35 years and are having a variety of products relating to laser technology. They tend to be the global supplier of highly efficient compact size laser welding machines and OEMs for its types of equipment. They support their customers till their last with guaranteed excellence.

Key Products

  • MS-35
  • Master S
  • Master S 3D
  • MegaHIT
  • MegaHIT 3D
  • Mega Silver
  • Mega Silver 3D
  • MegaHIT 300

Laser Welding Machine-0.1  Laser Welding Machine-1.1

Laser Welding Machine-2.1

     Reason of Recommendation

  • Machines are simple and accurate.
  • Modern technology machines.
  • Reliable and easily handling machines

Headquarter: Germany

Company BackgroundJenoptik company-1Jenoptik are famous for their expertise in machine manufacturing especially that are based on the principles of Photonics. They relate light with optics, safety, production and are lucky to achieve all their expertise with day to day research and development. They also produce laser welding machines with high speed and précised seam welding which makes them standout.

Key products

  • JENOPTIK-VOTAN® W Laser Welding System for Efficient Plastic Welding

Laser Welding Machine-0.1

Reason of Recommendations

  • The operating cost of machines is too low
  • The operator can easily control the machine.
  • The consumption of energy is also minimum.
  • The machine does not produce any harm to the atmosphere.


We hope this article is up to your expectation and worth reading. We tried to convey maximum knowledge in this informative review. If you want to make a purchase, we recommend you Raymond Laser who ensures premium services and quality equipment as per your budget. Want to get technical assistance and a quotation? Please click HERE to avail of our promising services right now.

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