Top 10 Worldwide Laser Marking Machine Factories: The Definite Guide in 2024

A laser marking is an advanced technology that utilizes a beam of saturated light to form a long-lasting mark on the surface. This is a profitable tool accounted for 2.6 billion US dollars in the global market recorded in 2019. However, it is estimated as 5.3 billion US dollars by 2029.

For a successful business, laser marking machine is of prime importance. If you are looking for the best manufacturer then don't worry!  Check out our informative review based on top 10 laser marking machine factories.

Rank Manufacturer OF Laser Marking Machine Factories Headquarter
1 Epilog Laser United States of America
2 Orotig S.P.A Italy
3 Perez Camp France
4 Pannier United States of America
5 Mecco United States of America
6 Raymond China
7 RMI Laser  United States of America
8 XT Laser China
9 Trotec Canada
10 Delphi laser China

1. Epilog Laser


Epilog Laser logo

Headquarter: United States of America

Company Background & Information

Epilog Laser background

Epilog Laser is a pioneer in the field of Laser technology. Working in the land of United States of America since 1988 and have designed number of machines using laser technology as their basic principle. They are founders to bring CO2 laser technology in the world and its implementation in different fields.

Their business has now spread throughout the globe and are producing quality products from last 3 decades.

Key Products

Laser Marking Machine-A

Laser Marking Machine-B

Laser Marking Machine-C

Reasons of Recommendation

  • Advance technology products.
  • Pioneer in producing machines with laser technology.
  • Product warranty of 2 years.
  • Product variety.

2. Orotig S.P.A


Orotig S.P.A

Headquarter: Italy

Company Background & Information

Orotig S.P.A started their particulars as a titanium casting for dental usage in 1992. Today they have globally recognized as an experienced competitor in the field of laser technology. They hold the patent that they have been the first compact size laser welding machine producer in the world. Orotig started their research and development in the field of laser technology in 2005 five and after many trials they successfully produced laser marking machines in 2008. Orotig has spread their network globally and produce highly sophisticated machines for marking, engraving and cutting purpose.

Orotig background

Orotig Laser Marking Machine-A

Orotig Laser Marking Machine-B

Orotig Laser Marking Machine-C

Reasons of Recommendation

  • The axis is controlled and set digitally.
  • Air cooling system incorporated inside the system.
  • Pre and post heating of machines are terminated directly.
  • Machines are with high efficiency.
  • Easy to access.

Headquarter: France

Company Background & Information

Today Perez Camps holds a greater value in dealing and supplying engraving, marking and cutting machines to the industries globally. It been their priority to facilitate their customer with greater technical support team and highly motivated staff. Perez Camps is France based supplier that has contact with over 40 different manufacturers of laser engraving and marking machines. They are now trying to manufacture their own machines and will then be able to supplier their own product too.

Perez Camps background

Key Products

Perez Laser Marking Machine-A

Perez Laser Marking Machine-B

Reasons of Recommendation

  • Machines with all three options i.e. laser, UV and CO2.
  • Short wavelength machines for greater impression.
  • Different wavelength for different machines.
  • Smaller and compact size machines.

Headquarter: United States of America

  Company Background & Information

Pannier background

The Pannier Corporation is one of the oldest manufacturing factories founded in 1899 and started basic work by producing steel for United States territories. After 2 decades Pannier group brought advancement in their product line at started manufacturing marking and labelling products. After almost 80 years Pannier technology started making Laser technology machines and now hold a great position in this market. They have mainly focused on marking, engraving and labelling machines using laser technology.

Key Products

Pannier Laser Marking Machine-A

Pannier Laser Marking Machine-B

Pannier Laser Marking Machine-C

Reasons of Recommendation

  • Industrial and deep marking laser systems.
  • Efficient products.
  • Reliable products.
  • 24/7 customer support staff.

Headquarter: United States of America

Factory Background

In the field of industrial marking and identification systems Mecco has produced best supporting machines over the past 130 years. They started their business in 1889 and now have a wide experienced staff with greater customer satisfaction and reliable products all over the world. Their machine with laser technology are integrated with modern technology and are one of its own.

Key Products

Laser marking machines by Mecco are

MECCO Laser Marking Machine-B

Reasons of Recommendation

Products of Mecco are with

  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Machines with zero maintenance
  • Spare parts availability
  • Meeting Marking standards and needs.

Headquarter: China

Factory Background

Raymond Laser background

In laser technology Raymond laser are pioneer in manufacturing products with modern laser technology and their products. They have been operating from the last 13 years using the soil of China and are manufacturing all types if laser solutions also with providing their installation facility too.

They are now with around 2000 customers and a network within 150 countries. Raymond Laser noticed an output value of 10 million in the year 2018.

Key Products

Raymond Laser Marking Machine-A

Raymond Laser Marking Machine-B

Raymond Laser Marking Machine-C

Reasons of Recommendation

  • Advanced in terms of technology.
  • Economical
  • On time delivery.
  • Products with complete guarantee.

Headquarter: United States of America

Company Background

With an experience of more than 20 years, RMI Laser are now one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of Laser marking machines. They have variety of marking machines that can be used in industries for numerous applications. Their R&D teams has remained focused in producing globally accepted laser marking machines and provide complete installation facilities to their customers. From 1988 till date RMI laser have installed more than 2000 different Laser technology machines and have marked an importance in the list of global suppliers of marking machines.

RMI Laser background

Key Products

RMI Laser Marking Machine-A

RMI Laser Marking Machine-B

Reasons of Recommendation

  • Permanent impression that lasts for a longer period.
  • Can be used for surfaces of any shape.
  • Smart and modern technology machines.
  • High quality output.
  • Operator can easily handle the machine.

Headquarter: China

Company Background

Jinan Xintian Technology renown as XT Laser is famous in producing machines that are used for industrial purposes. They company was founded back in 2004 and since then are completely focused in producing unique products with modern technology incorporated in them. Today they have a coverage in over 140 countries present on globe are moving faster day by day. Their products are highly recommended by consumer due to their performance and reliability.

XT Laser background

Key Products

XTLaser Marking Machine-A

XTLaser Marking Machine-B

XTLaser Marking Machine-C

Reasons of Recommendation

  • High quality standard machines.
  • Maintenance free machines.
  • The quality of beam for marking is excellent.
  • Machines are long lasting and live for a longer duration.
  • Less space occupying.

Headquarter: Canada

Factory Background

Trotec Laser background

Trotec laser started their operation from Canada in 1977 and since then are producing products using laser technology. They have a network in more than 90 countries and 3 operational plants. They are now the leaders in manufacturing laser technology products and have marked a turnover of over 100 million dollars.

Key Products

Key laser marking products of Trotec Laser are

trotec Laser Marking Machine-A

trotec Laser Marking Machine-B

trotec Laser Marking Machine-C

Reasons of Recommendation

  • Easily available spare parts.
  • Machine with no maintenance.
  • Reliable.
  • Products application on acrylic, automotive parts, Digital printing, Electronic components, laser cutting and etc.

Headquarter: China

Company Background

The organization is a joint venture of Australia and China which tends to produce highly advanced machines for home usage and industrial purpose. They have been pioneers in introducing semi-conductor-based machines like LED and LCD. With their continuous research they have been able to produce highly efficient Laser machines for industrial purpose and are competing the global market with variety of products.

Delphi Laser background

Key Products

·  Fast (Pico/ Femtosecond) laser marking machine
·  Fiber laser marking machine
·  Green laser marking machine
·  UV laser marking machine
·  Fully-Automatic Laser Marking System

DLaser Marking Machine-A

DLaser Marking Machine-B

DLaser Marking Machine-C

Reasons of Recommendation

  • Machines can be used for marking on any hard surface.
  • Most advanced technology for marking purpose.
  • Machines with unique specifications.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Maintenance free machines.


  Today, laser marking technology is very important to give you perfect accuracy, fast results with  all kind of intricate measurements. Raymond Laser, a leading laser manufacturing hub that offers you an extensive range of best laser machines for your particular applications. You’ll get laser machine with high automation, easy control, high speed, highly adaptable, with good readability. Want to know more? Please Click HERE  To Get Free Consultation from High-Tech Staff Right Now.

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