Top 5 Laser Cleaning Machine Manufacturers in Canada

Thinking Of Adding High-Tech Laser Cleaning Machine to Your Business Portfolio? If yes, this is the right place. Canada is the land of genuine and trustworthy organizations where highly developed and advanced technologies are manufactured and delivered across the globe. In this article, you can find top 5 laser cleaning machine manufacturers in Canada, we’re here to enlighten you about the amazing products they offer.

Indeed, you cannot ignore this option for your equipment purchase and long term professional relationships. Choosing the most suitable laser cleaning machines from the top 5 laser cleaning machine manufacturers in Canada,this is the right time to make the right decision.

Rank Company Location
1 LaserAx Canada
2  Alfa Laser Green Blast Canada
3 P-laser Canada Canada
4 ASP Laser Inc. Canada
5  Makan Laser Canada


Headquarter: Canada

Company Background & Information


After establishment in 2010, the first customers of Laserax were smelting plants which were provided with inline laser solutions. Subsequently, the company has expanded its business to casting as well as automobile industries world-wide. Customization and innovation are core values of Laserax and have been completely integrated in the machines.

Laserax’s mission is to bring sustainable technology within the reach of customers and aims to become second to none in providing laser solutions. At present Laserax is operational in more than 20 countries and working with 54 clients all over the globe and has a work force of 50 – 200 employees.

Key Products

  • Manual laser cleaning machine
  • Door laser cleaning machine
  • Robot laser cleaning machine

Manual laser cleaning machine

Door laser cleaning machine
Robot laser cleaning machine

Reasons of Recommendation

  • Laserax believes in excellence, a team of experts and years of experience in the field have made it number 1 laser cleaning machine The company’s high performance machines can clean, mark, harden and texture surfaces.
  • Laserax incorporated environment friendly innovative technologies with robotics in the products, which is considered benchmark in terms of safety standards.
  • Along with laser systems Laserax provides accessories such as Class 1 laser safety, automation, remote support, industrial grade components, fume extraction etc. that seldom other suppliers

Headquarter: Canada

Company Background & Information


Alfa Laser GreenBlast™ Inc. is a Canadian Corporation that provides industrial laser cleaning systems. It was founded in 2020 by two laser and photonics experts and offers eco-friendly laser cleaning solutions all the time.

Alfa Laser GreenBlast™’s aim is to serve customers regardless of size of corporation or their business model, making it an ideal laser solution provider. The company’s headquarter is in Quebec and operates with 50 employees.

Key Products

  • Greenblast laser cleaning machine
  • GreenBlast™ ALFA-300-PL-W
  • The GreenBlast™ handheld ALFA-2000-CL-CH

Greenblast laser cleaning machine

GreenBlast™ ALFA-300-PL-W

The GreenBlast™ handheld ALFA-2000-CL-CH

Reasons of Recommendation

  • Alfa Laser GreenBlast™’s machines utilize the latest technology in laser cleaning machines so that these productsare efficient, cost effective and can be customized as per requirement.
  • This company is highly customer oriented, it provides not only onsite training to customers but alsoconsultation and technical support before placement of order.
  • It also provides accessories along with key products that include fume extraction units.

Headquarter: Canada

Company Background & Information


P-Laser Canada was founded by Jonathan Probert and Alain Lacroix in 2020. It provides advanced and the latest industrial laser cleaning solutions that are backed with nearly a decade of experience in this field and multiple satisfied customers.

P-Laser Canada prides itself in its customer oriented products that are years ahead of its competitors. From laser cleaning machines to supplementary equipment P-Laser Canada guarantees provision of laser cleaning technology. In Canada the company offers services in British Columbia and Ontario.

Key Products

  • Class 1 Optic
  • AiMC-1000
  • QF-Arol

Class 1 Optic


Reasons of Recommendation

  • P-Laser Canada produces the latest, top-notch and eco-friendly technologically advanced machines that are cost effectiveand customizable, in addition, they have long working life.
  • P- Laser manufactures efficient and precise machines that are easy to operate no matter they arewith or without automation.
  • This company also provides onsite training, technical support and consultation and complementary machines i.e. fume extraction units etc.

Headquarter: Canada

Company Background & Information


Established in 2009 Allied Scientific Pro (ASP) Laser Inc. provides A-I photonic products, high-tech laser cleaning and testing systems, automated robots etc. for paint and rust removal, cleaning nuclear contamination and 2D imaging non-destructive detection and testing of corrosion.

ASP Laser Inc. has partnered with different industrial sectors including agriculture, automobile, food processing, medical, nuclear industry and defense etc. The company’s major focus is providing solutions using automation and robotics.

Key Products

  • LaserBlast ™ Cleaning System 500 Watts
  • LaserBlast ™ Cleaning System 300 Watts
  • LaserBlast-100-Lease 2own

LaserBlast ™ Cleaning System 500 Watts

LaserBlast ™ Cleaning System 300 Watts

LaserBlast-100-Lease 2own

Reasons of Recommendation

  • Allied Scientific Pro (ASP) Laser Inc.’s machines are robust, accurate, and easy to use (one operator) with low cost of operations.
  • Allied Scientific Pro (ASP) Laser Inc. has replaced traditional cleaning methods like sand, glass beads blast etc. with its advanced laser cleaning solutions. The company offers on-site training and consultation pre and post order.
  • The company’s machinesare environmental friendly i.e. reduce 90% of disposal of toxic waste (solvent, liquid waste etc.) and comes with warranty.

Headquarter: Canada

Company Background & Information

Makan Laser

Makan Laser was established as HG Laser Inc. in 2018. You can find its headquarter  in Canada. Since its establishment, the company has worked hard to build a reputation as the producer of top-notch laser equipment and products.

The company manufactures a variety of equipment which including laser cleaning machine, laser cutting machine, plasma polishing machine, raycus laser source, raytools laser,  laser marking machine, and laser welding machine.The company has a successful journey as they focuses on customers’ satisfaction and its products meet its customers’ industrial requirements.

Key Products

  • Co2 Blast Cleaning
  • Backpack Laser Cleaning

Co2 Blast Cleaning

Backpack Laser Cleaning

Reasons of Recommendation

  • Makan Laser’s  laser cleaning machines are featured with smart fiber laser.
  • Thecompany constructed these machines in such a manner so that they are purely adhere to necessity safety precautions.
  • Makan Laserassure the high- quality products that meet customer’s requirements.


After reading top 5 laser cleaning machine manufacturers in Canada, it would be easier for you to select the best among them. Indeed, Canadian laser cleaning manufacturing companies are popular among customers as they provide top-notch, world class and technologically advanced services. For more question on laser cleaning machine procurement please contact us now.

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