Top 7 Laser Coding Machine Manufacturers In Germany:The Definite Guide In 2022

Are you looking for laser coding machines for your business? If it is, you should first know about the best laser coding machine manufacturer.Germany is the world leader in manufacturing high standard laser coding machines with lifelong working capacity and high production rate.
If you want to know about them, going through this essay about top 7  laser coding machine manufacturer in Germany and get best of them.

1Just LaserGermany
4Evlaser Germany
5Raymond LaserChina
6Foba LaserGermany

Company Headquarter: Germany

Company Backgroundcompany background-1Just Laser was founded in 2019 as a professional laser supplier. The company produces fine laser solutions that not only include marking or coding but also laser cutting and engraving solutions to meet your diverse needs. Their laser coding machines are cost effective, durable, and risk free which give you outstanding performance. They are variously used in textile, engineering, medical, and food products industries.

Key Products

  • Just Laser 4.10
  • Just Laser coding machine
  • Just Mark 4.2

laser coding machine-2-1

Laser coding-1-1

Laser coding-3-1


Reason of Recommendation

  • With integrated locking switch their machines can be prevented from accidental defocusing.
  • Their machines are flexible enough to fulfill your requirements with dual variants of 4.2 or 6.4.
  • With optional dust filter dirt and particulates can be extracted gently thus ensures clear coding.
  • Just Laser has own laser software which enable you to automatically perform every task in a straight away.

Company Headquarter: Germany

Company backgroundcompany-1Cajo has been an international leader in developing laser marking and coding traceability technology since 2010. Their laser line includes stand-alone, integrable, and dedicated coding system. Their machines are capable of coding soft polymers and other reflecting objects like plastics, brass, aluminum, copper etc. Their machines are cost effective and auto focused with separate software. Chemical free coding processing puts more to environmental precision. Cajo has been recognized around the globe with its integrators in America, Asia, and Europe.

Key Products

  • Cajo Vega
  • Cajo Vega Lite
  • Cajo Tailor CO2

Laser coding-1-1

Laser coding-3-1
Laser coding-2-1

Reason of Recommendation

  • With integrated 3 units their machines can process coding on a single object from different angles.
  • Cajo Vega for Wire Harness can be easily altered and used for coding 2D or QR codes via good interface.
  • Vega for Cables is completely automatic machine that can be positioned for fly-coding while delivering fast result.
  • Their CajoSuite software enables you to create new designs and employ them simply.

Company Headquarter: Germany

Company BackgroundLaserax backgroundLaserax is  an innovative laser manufacturer founded in 2010. The company is providing most challenging laser solutions comprising laser marking, coding, and cleaning machines. Their laser coding machines like CO2, flex, and LXQ HP are capable of coding plastic, wood, rubber, ceramics etc. Their machines are compatible with standard lense configuration and dual 2D and 3D laser heads.  Laserax give you full training support along with after sales service. Today the company has 54 partners in more than 20 countries.

Key Products

  • LXQ-HP
  • LXM CO2 laser coder

Laser coding -1
Laser coding -2
Laser coding -3

Reason of Recommendation

  • Their LXQ-HP has high laser power up to 500W which increase your production.
  • With their barcodes validation feature coding quality can be predicted via Cognex camera system.
  • Their 2D CO2 laser is extremely reliable with lifelong performance of 50 000 hours.
  • With quick change over time laser can be adjusted automatically through intuitive HMI screen.

Company Headquarter: Germany

Company Backgroundcompany-1

Evlaser was originated in 1978 in Germany. The company produces sustainable laser solutions for laser marking, engraving, cleaning, plastic welding and micromachining. Their laser coding machines consist of hexagon, titan, MOPA, lux CO2, icon x, and titan rotomax. You can find greater number of reliability in their equipment due to integrated 2D and 3D laser head configurations and their availability in multiple loading capacities. Evlaser has more than 3000 working employees worldwide.

Key Products

  • Lux CO2
  • Titan

laser coding-1-1

laser coding-2-1

laser coding-3

Reason of Recommendation

  • Their machines can code area up to 1000mm with three axes thus fully exploit the working area.
  • Their automatic autofocus process permits the management of working height without operator interference.
  • Smart 4.0 package enable you to control the entire process via remote.
  • HEXAGON is quite adaptable with capacity of 15-30 pallets which fulfill individual needs.

Company Headquarter: China

Company Background

Raymond Laser is a proud laser developer founded in 2007. Their laser solutions almost cover every area like marking, welding, cutting, coding, and drilling. Having been made with imported materials their laser machines stays long lasting. Specific to laser coding machines they can code variety of materials like steel, plastics, wood, and glass etc. Today Raymond Laser is dedicatedly providing its services in more than 150 states.

Key Products

  • FC-100B
  • UV-100
  • FL-100D

Laser coding -1

Laser coding -2

Laser coding -3

Reason of Recommendation

  • Their machines have advanced fiber generator which make them last for longer duration of 40000 hours.
  • Their machines are environmental friendly with maintaining good air flow and consuming low energy.
  • Made with imported materials their machines are compact and installed quickly.
  • CO2 by Raymond Laser has identical coding quality especially on non metals with 12000mm/s speed.

Company Headquarter:UK

Company Backgroundcompany-1

Specialized in laser marking and engraving technology ,Foba was established in1969. The company is generating productive and profitable laser solutions in the field of laser marking, coding, and engraving. Their durable laser coding machines are consisting of CO2 laser, fiber laser, UV laser and Foba Titus. They can be applied in jewelry, plastic, semiconductor, and automobile construction industries. Foba is effectively delivering its services in China, America, Asia, Germany and others.

Key Products

  • 0020-uv
  • FOBA Titus fiber laser coder
  • 0201-DN

laser coding-1

laser coding-2

laser coding-3


Reason of Recommendations

  • Foba UV laser reduce heat effect on sensitive objects with small pulse duration of 20 ns.
  • Titus by Foba gives you high ratio of coding 2000 characters per second.
  • 0200-S is small compact design having dual coding heads and high speed scanners add more to its performance.
  • Their machines are reliable with additional interfaces and axes for optimum modification.

Company Headquarter: UK

Company Backgroundcompany-1Telesis is an international Corporation for creating laser technology that was founded 1997. The company is manufacturing high quality laser coding machines comprising CO2 laser, fiber laser, vandate laser, green, UV, dual head, and class 1 enclosure. Their coding machines mark permanent coding accurately on glass, paper, metal, wood, stone etc. Laser coding machines prepared by them are based on their own laser bean sources. The company always tries to satisfy their customer's demands by bringing innovation in laser technology. Telesis is successfully contributing global community with 11 employees.

Key Products

  • Telesis AVCDS laser coder
  • ProStation
  • CO2 laser coding machine

Laser coding-1

Laser coding-2

Laser coding-3

Reasons for Recommendation

  • Their machines have faster cycle time due to performing dual tasks of loading/ unloading and coding/reading simultaneously.
  • With integrated Vari-Z 3 axis in UVCDS coder you can mark uneven places without changing the tools.
  • Their CO2 laser can code 1300 figures in second only.
  • Their machines perform powerful operation due to heavy objects processing.


We hope the above article enable you to choose best laser machines for your business among the top 7 laser coding machine manufacturers in Germany.
Further if you want to explore extensive range of laser solutions with full warranty policy and customer care opt for Raymond Laser.You can contact us  for further information.

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