Jewelry Laser Cutting Machine:The Definite Buying Guide In 2023

In the modern world, there are many ways to modify and cut jewelry items, but a laser cutting machine provides the best way of cutting them. A jewelry laser cutting machine cuts fine and intricate designs that are not possible by traditional cutting methods. Here, we will be providing you guidance regarding the use and working of a jewelry laser cutting machine. How are they different from traditional methods and what type of entangled designs can be formed using it?

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    1.Why Will You Choose A Jewelry Laser Cutting Machine?

    Jewelry laser cuting machine-1-1The jewelry industry has evolved with a revolution in its cutting processes. Marking, engraving and cutting items has become an easier process than before. The machine encompasses with high-power laser beam that ensures high throughput.

    Jewelry laser cutting machines are used for all types of jewelry making processes and their designs. Manufacturers recommend this machine due to its high production capability and fine edge quality results.

    2.What Are The Applications Of Jewelry Laser Cutting Machine?

    Jewelry laser cuting machine-2-1Jewelry laser cutting machine has variety of applications and is mainly used in large manufacturing industries. Industries like aerospace, automobile, shipment, machine manufacturing, elevator producing, hardware and metal processing units use jewelry laser cutting machines in their processes.  Some of the details of usage are:

    Aerospace IndustryJewelry laser cuting machine-3-1Gold, due to its numerous properties, plays a vital role in the aerospace industry. Astronauts use this gold thin layer to protect them from the burning heat of the sun. These materials reflect and radiate those rays. Some jewelry items are also used where lubrication and less maintenance are required. Cutting these items is carried out using a jewelry laser cutting machine.

    Automobile IndustryAutomobile sector-1

    In an automobile sector, car name identification plate is a much important part of body shell. These are usually made up of stainless steel or aluminum. Jewelry laser cutting machine due to its high versatile and fine quality cutting parameter is used to cut these plates.
    Some other parts of automobile units are also cut by these machines.

    Machine ManufacturingJewelry laser cuting machine-4-1Machines that require long lasting lubrication and no maintenance use jewelry material like gold and silver in their construction. These parts of processing machines are cut down using a jewelry laser cutting machine.

    Hardware IndustryFiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine-28-1In the hardware industry, materials are mostly made up of stainless steel, rubber, plastic, acrylic and aluminum. Jewelry laser cutting machine provides high quality cutting of these materials to make fine tools and equipment.
    Computer RAM also has some quantity of jewelry items which are kept under the process of these machines.

    3.How A Jewelry Laser Cutting Machine Works?

    Jewelry laser cuting machine-6-1Laser technology is recommended for cutting and making jewelry items. The working principle of jewelry laser cutting machines is mentioned below.

    Initially, designs are made using different software and tools. At what dimension the material has to be cut is decided in this step. Either bracelet is required or earnings, the design according to its size repositories is sketched and uploaded in the system.

    Secondly, different machines support cutting of different materials. Selecting the right material is prior.Jewelry laser cuting machine-18-1After keeping the material in the machine, the CNC control moves the laser head of jewelry laser cutting machine according to the program. A high-powered laser beam travels through the laser head after internal mirror reflections and falls on the material. It cuts the surface of material if the defined shape and design.

    Laser beam melts the material and gives quality cutting. The cutting part at last gets separated from the material and rest can be reused. Jewelry with elegant finishing is there. This fascinating technology provides accurate, precise, unique and reliable patterns to the consumer.

    4.What Are The Components Of A Jewelry Laser Cutting Machine?

    Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine-19-1Main components of a jewelry laser cutting machine are:

    Laser Cutting HeadJewelry laser cuting machine-7-1Laser cutting head act as the output device to the laser generator. It carries laser beam that exists from system to the material. They are available in many materials depending upon the focus and tracking system. As the laser head moves in any direction, the laser beam will accordingly fall on the surface of material. The height of laser cutting head is a very important thing to control as different materials have different thickness levels so they can harm the laser head if not adjusted.

    Laser GeneratorJewelry laser cuting machine-8-1A laser generator acts as the power source of a jewelry laser cutting machine as it provides the laser beam to the system. It is the most important equipment of laser machine as without this generator we cannot generate our required laser beam.

    CNC Cutting SystemFiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine-22-1The movement of laser cutting head is mainly controlled by a CNC system. This system makes a laser head realize at what position it has to move. The CNC system also controls the power of laser beam depending upon the material to give high quality cutting and performing stable operation. The CNC system has a microprocessor which is controlled by the software we use for our design.

    Laser Lens

    Laser lenses are responsible for producing clean and high-powered laser beams. The optical device in the laser cutting machine contains laser lenses. Different lenses are available, like reflection lens, focused lens and semi-reflection lens. Depending upon the nature of work required. It directly affects the performance and output power of a jewelry laser cutting machine.

    Main FrameJewelry laser cuting machine-9-1The main frame is a significant part of the machine that supports the material to be designed. There are various types of main frame available in the market such as:

    beam type, gantry type and cantilever type frames. The dimension of cutting also depends on these main frames.

    Jewelry laser cuting machine-10-1Motor is a core component of a jewelry laser cutting machine. Product processing and performance directly depends on the efficiency of the motor. Commonly stepper and servo motors are used for cutting purposes. Stepper motor because it cuts soft and sensitive material to a particular angle and servo due to its highly automated feedback system in fast movements. It depends upon the material and requirements. Where high cutting is required, Servo motors are selected to be the best.

    5.What Are The Basic Parameters Of Jewelry Laser Cutting Machine?







    Working Area

    400X200mm and 600x600mm

    3Laser Source


    4Position Accuracy



    Working Voltage


    6Laser Wavelength


    7Maximum Speed

    50m/min to 100min

    Whenever, jewelry laser cutting machine is used it is necessary to set the parameters accordingly.Some essential parameters of jewelry laser cutting machine are:


    jewelry marked by the laser mark machine

    For a jewelry laser cutting machine, the ideal power range lies between 1000W-4000W. As the material of jewelry melts very easily, therefore the temperature above 5000W can give poor quality edges and vaporize more material. Laser power plays a vital role in getting standardized cutting of jewelry material.
    Working area of jewelry laser cutting machine depends upon the size of mainframe workstation but ideally it is 400X200mm and 600x600mm.  The designing of program for CNC system is also done according to the size of working area.

    Laser Source

    For a jewelry laser cutting machine, usually a “nLIGHT” laser light source is used due to its wireless light controlling efficiency. It gives the best lens view and cuts the material with greater effect than other light sources.

    Position AccuracyJewelry laser cuting machine-13-1As a jewelry laser cutting machine is a dedicated machine, it is necessary that the laser head may move with precision and accuracy. The best precision accuracy range is ±0.05mm/m as if the laser does not follow the defined path, it will damage the whole working material.

    Working VoltageJewelry laser cuting machine-14-1As per the international standards, working voltage to run a jewelry laser cutting machine is same as the rest which are 380V and 50Hz.

    Laser WavelengthJewelry laser cuting machine-15-1The wavelength of light is inversely proportional to the movement of photon is laser beam. Whenever the wavelength is lesser it gives higher energy levels and maximum output is obtained. The wavelength of a jewelry laser cutting machine is between 900nm to 1064nm depending upon the material.

    Maximum Speed

    Speed is also an important factor during the working of a jewelry laser cutting machine. Speed should be set to a level it may not be too fast or too slow. Fast speed will leave cutting behind and slow will produce greater marks of cutting on material. The speed of a jewelry laser cutting machine these days is 50m/min to 100m/min

    6.What Are the Features Of A Jewelry Laser Cutting Machine?

    Jewelry laser cuting machine-11-1

    Minimal Distortion on Parts

    Jewelry laser etching machine moves its laser head in a manner that only specific area gets the heat energy of laser source. This is why it has a minimal distortion level on parts and restricts any poor edge cutting of jewelry.

    Heat Affect ZoneJewelry laser cuting machine-16-1

    The laser beam in a jewelry laser cutting machine has a specified head affected zone and does not cross its limitations. This not only saves the material from waste but also saves the laser head to be used for a longer period.

    Intricate Part CuttingJewelry laser cuting machine-17-1The program designed whether in any manner is followed by a laser cutting machine. Intricated designs are much complicated but can easily be performed with jewelry laser cutting machine.

    Narrow Kerf Width

    It makes the kerf width narrow as it only cuts the area which has been designed as a pendant, locket or earrings etc. The kerf width is only according to the design in a jewelry laser cutting machine.

    Very high repeatabilityJewelry laser cuting machine-19-1The motor used in a jewelry cutting machine continuously gives feedback to the controller. The process is monitored at every interval of time and gets output in a perfect manner.

    7.What Are The Advantages Of A Jewelry Laser Cutting Machine?

    laser cutting aluminum-1

    SafetyJewelry laser cuting machine-20-1The traditional method of cutting jewelry material affected user’s health and was not that safe. Many accidents occurred in that way. But after the evolution of laser cutting machine, human risk has been reduced to a distinct level. No human contact is there, which gives the safest way to the user.

    Customer OrientedJewelry laser cuting machine-21-1This is a unique selling point of a jewelry laser cutting machine that produces accurate designs as demanded by the customer. You can make any type of shape, pattern either complex or simple.

    Waste ReductionJewelry laser cuting machine-22-1The risk of contamination becomes less when materials are cut using a laser cutting machine. Also, a laser head only cuts specific area as directed so the level of waste also is reduced near to zero.

    Precision and AccuracyJewelry laser cuting machine-23-1Unparalleled accuracy and high precision are there even when very complex shapes are required by jewelry laser cutting machine. Specific areas are cut with high precision and speed to give better productivity.

    Low-cost machines

    These days when cutting jewelry is very common using a laser cutting machine, the cost of machines is reduced and is affordable to anyone. Also, the products that are cut using a laser cutting machine are very cheap and affordable. The manufacturer can get double the cost that is utilized in making a jewelry item.

    Easy to handle

    Machines are highly automated and sensitive that they are focused on the task and are easily controlled. Only basic operational training is required and afterwards the operator can understand its functionality in a lesser period of time.

    8.Does A Jewelry Laser Cutting Machine Hold some Disadvantages?

    Jewelry laser cuting machine-24-1

    Limitation to Material Thickness

    Different materials of different thicknesses require separate types of jewelry laser cutting machine. Specific machines are associated with particular size because of the adjustment of laser head. If consideration is not given to the thickness of material, it can damage both the laser head and mainframe. Jewelry cutting machine limits the thickness of material to 15 to 20mm only. This can directly cost a lot if cutting is done to a variety of materials.

    Hazardous Fumes

    When the material is melted with the help of thermal cutting, gases and hazardous fumes are emitted to a large level. These gases can directly affect human lungs and respiratory systems.

    9.How A Jewelry Laser Cutting Machine Is Different From Other Traditional Jewelry Cutting Techniques?


    ParameterJewelry Laser Cutting Machine

    Traditional Jewelry Cutting Technique




    Jewelry laser cutting machine works at a very high speed up to 10m/min and follows the path accordingly and produces a large number of materials is lesser time.

    In the traditional method, the speed depended upon the performance of operator and which sometimes took much longer period with lesser productivity.


    Thickness Machine is dependent on thickness of material and produces burr if the thickness limit exceedsThickness is directly monitored with naked eye as the operator only uses the material which can be cut.

    Precision and Accuracy

    Laser cutting machine is highly precise and accurate which gives high quality edge cutting solutions.

    Unmannered and poor cutting is received in these methods as it requires further processing to get neat and clean part.


    AutomationMachines are highly automated and follow the path which has been defined by the program.

    No automation was there in manual method. Cutting patterns are decided and controlled by the operator


    HandlingMachines are easy to handle but prior expertise are required.

    Very easy to understand and get used to.


    Problem RectificationIt takes a lot of time to rectify the problem and sometimes long delays also occur due to this.

    Problem rectification and identification is very easy and less time-consuming.


    SensitivenessHighly sensitive machines with zero tolerance to mistakes

    Sensitive only when safety is related otherwise we can use and stop in any manner.

    10.What Should Be Considered Before Buying A Jewelry Laser Cutting Machine From China?

    Jewelry laser cuting machine-25-1

    Cost of Machine

    A complete comparison of desired machines makes it easy to understand whether the required machine is in the range of manufacturer or not. This will allow us to compare China providing economical machines or are there any other international manufacturer which can provide the same machine at a low cost.

    Required Machine SpecificationJewelry laser cuting machine-26-1The specifications of a jewelry laser cutting machine should be studied and checked to make sure of its availability in the Chinese market. Desired solutions can be achieved by specific machine only.


    Expensive and low-cost jewelry items are common now in the global world. These items are now cut using a laser cutting machine which makes the process simpler, easier and accurate. This buying guide helps you to get all the information related to how to buy a jewelry laser cutting machine. If you find any complications in understanding, then you may contact us freely. We are always there to support you.

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